"Dear Dr. Herzlinger, Thank you for doing a great job dental bonding my front upper teeth. When I finished my braces, my front teeth were too small leaving me with large gaps between my front upper teeth. Dr. Herzlinger was able to close the gaps in one visit using his expert dental bonding skills. My front teeth now look great! Anthony"

"Dear Dr. Herzlinger, Thank you and your staff for making feel so comfortable when came to your office. I had not been to the dentist for many years and I was deathly afraid of having any dental work done. However, Dr. Herzlinger immediatedly put me at ease with his professionism and patience. I had several dental procedures done, all without any dental anxiety. I highly recomment him. Jennifer"

"A dental experience can be filled with an array of emotions and anxiety. The uncertainty of what exactly will be needed to fix that "all most" perfect smile can be somewhat overwhelming. However, my experience with Dr. Joshua Herzlinger has convinced me that anxiety and overwhelming feelings are a thing of the past. From the moment I stepped into his office, his staff was very courteous and heipful. The knowledgeable staff was able to answer all of my questions and effectively explain what I could expect during my dental visit. The doctor further enhanced my level of understanding by providinjg a detailed stip by step analysis of my procedure. I was completely set at ease. Dr. Herzlinger and his remarkable staff made my initial visit to their office very positive and empowering. I can honestly say my experience with Dr. Herzlinger has restored my trust and confidence in dentistry. I deeply want to thank Dr. Herzlinger and his staff for all of their help, understanding, and dedication to me as a patient. You all are wonderful and really make a difference in the smiles of our community. Sarah"

"Dear Herzlinger, I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did replacing my missing upper right front tooth with a dental implant. My previous dentat work was so unsatisfactory, I would cry when I looked in the mirrow. Fortunately, I found Dr. Herzlinger who was able to restore my smile. Now, when I look in the mirrow, I see a smile that makes me feel so proud. Thank you Dr. Herzlinger for restoring my confidence. Suzane"

"Dear Dr. Herzlinger & Staff, Thank you for your kindness. I appreciated all the recommendations and care that you provided for me. You and your staff creates a pleasant experience and truly eased my mind. Thanks Again, Lori"

"Dear Dr. Herzlinger, Thank you for doing a great job on Wayne's teeth. Thank you for taking the time to explain all the dental options that were available. You are well worth every penny and more!. I am looking forward to my next dental visit and so is Wayne. Sincerely, Wayne and Lynn"

"Dear Dr. Herzlinger, Thank you for coming in on a Saturday morning to fix my front which had broken off to the gum. I was so embarrassed because my daughter's wedding was the same day . When Dr. Herzlinger was done, I was able leave his office smiling. Thank you Dr. Herzlinger. Anne"

"To Dr and Staff, I want to thank you doctor for doing a wonderful job putting my mouth back together. I now can smile without feeling embarrassed. You and your staff were very courteous, friendly and compassionated to my to my dental problems. I would definitely recommend your dental services because of expertise as dentist and the respect that you treat your patients with. With Much Regards, Jason"

"Dear Dr. Herzlinger, I want to thank you for being so kind, and greeting me with open arms.  You made me so happy with the new smile you gave me.  I haven't been able to smile in years.  You and your staff have made me feel like an extended family member.  I have never met a dentist so nice and concerned about their patients.  I just can't say thank you enough.  Thank you, Katie."