Smile Gallery

The patient’s teeth were severely decayed and worn.  Her teeth were restored with porcelain crowns.

The patient’s upper  teeth were restored with all porcelain crowns.

Four, all porcelain veneer laminates, were fabricated to close the space between her two front teeth.

The patient wanted a new, younger, and brighter smile.  The decay was removed and her upper teeth were restored with all Porcelain Crowns.

Total smile makeover for a true “Hollywood Smile”.  Upper teeth were done over with porcelain veneers

The patient wanted a “Hollywood smile” for her wedding.  Four porcelain laminate veneers were fabricated for the four upper front teet,h which closed the space between the two front teeth and whitened the four upper front teeth.

The patient was embarrassed by the poor appearance of her front teeth, therefore, she would never smile. Her smile was remade with all porcelain crowns and two fixed permanent bridges. The patient’s self-esteem was restored and now she doesn’t stop smiling or laughing, showing off her new smile.  This case brought me great satisfaction as dentist, because how I was able to help this patient esthetically, cosmetically,  and psychologically.

The patient wanted his front upper teeth to be straightened in two appointments. Six all porcelain crowns were fabricated providing the patient with straight upper front teeth. This was a perfect example of instant orthodontics.

The patient wanted a whiter smile and the “peg” lateral corrected.  Zoom whitening was performed to whiten her teeth and the lateral tooth was veneered. What a difference a little dental work does!!!

The patient was embarrassed to smile because her right upper lateral incisor was yellow.  An all porcelain crown was fabricated matching the exact color of her other front teeth making her smile perfect. This made it impossible to notice that the tooth was replaced and now her smile is perfectly matched.

The patient was unhappy with his smile.  The two old crowns were over sized and the wrong color.  Four all porcelain crowns were fabricated for his upper front teeth resulting in a younger, brighter and symmetrical new smile.

The patient needed her severely decayed front teeth restored, because she was about to perform in a live concert in front of a large audience.  Two all porcelain crowns were fabricated giving her a beautiful smile.

The patient wanted her old crowns replaced.  Six all porcelain crowns were fabricated for the upper front teeth giving her a younger and brighter smile.

All Porcelain Crown for the 6 upper front teeth

Six Porcelain crowns were fabricated for the upper six front teeth. Within two appointments, his teeth were straighten (instant orthodontics), and rejuvenated.

All Porcelain Crown

This patient had two older porcelain fused to metal crowns. The color from this type of crown is unnatural. The two new Porcelain Crowns, closed up the space between the two front teeth, and presents a much more natural appearance.

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