Scalpel-less Facelifts

From "Instant Orthodontics" to " Scalpel-less Facelifts ," we not only change smiles, we change lives. Many of our patients have a renewed spirit and confidence that carries through to their personal and professional relationships and thus leaves them with a greater sense of fulfillment. While a beautiful smile can give a patient a lifetime of happiness, on the other hand, a poorly designed one can result in years of poor self-esteem.

Designer Smiles

Smile Design is the primary service Dr. Herzlinger offers. Smile Design is a highly technical process requiring great skill and experience to achieve a natural result. It is not taught at all or only touched upon in dental school - dentists must learn the techniques in post-graduate courses and then perfect the art through extensive experience. For this reason, most dentists do not focus on this discipline.

It takes artistic ability and extensive knowledge to perform an impeccable Smile Design. Techniques require precise measurements based on mouth shape, gum lines, lips, and the natural shape of the teeth. That's why we devote the time to precisely plan a Smile Design before we begin the actual procedure.

What is Instant Orthodontics? Is there pain involved?

Instant Orthodontics is a modern procedure that straightens teeth using veneers instead of braces. It can close large gaps and correct overcrowding in as little as one day. In addition, the natural teeth are strengthened by the bonded porcelain restorations. These restorations are placed above the gum-line, which helps keep the gum tissue healthy.

Instant Orthodontics is typically a pain-free procedure that only requires the use of local anesthetics.